Personal Experience

Marc loves the process of conceptualizing, creating, iterating and optimizing ideas and solutions for his clients. His lifelong entrepreneurial journey has armed Marc with real world strategies that can be applied to any growth driven company. Marc is a strong advocate of eCommerce Enablement, Shop Local Initiatives, Brand Building, Online Marketing and B2B SaaS solutions. His personal guarantee is “Attending one of my Marketing Strategy Discussion Sessions and you will come away with a clear vision of actionable next steps you can take to grow your business, or I will give your your 30 minutes back!”

Business Development
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Early Years

Marc’s entrepreneurial journey started in his early teens, starting out with a door to door “Regal Catalog” business in a small rural town. From then on, many of Marc’s entrepreneurial ventures included a Coupon Faxing service, a Hot Tub Rental and Sales business, a Media and Publishing Company, a Manufacturer’s Repping Company and many more venturesome entrepreneurial adventures.

Career Experience

Training · Marketing Consulting · Business Consulting · Advertising · Marketing Strategy · Digital Marketing · Mobile Marketing · Growth Marketing · Brand Marketing